Data Breaches Don't Wait, Neither Should You: Find Unencrypted PII Now!

PII Crawler scans data for Personally Identifiable Information like name, address, and social security number so you can properly secure it before it is leaked.

Do you have unencrypted PII laying around on your laptop, shared drives, or databases in your business?

Unencrypted PII is a huge liability. If breached or leaked it can result in thousands to millions of dollars in legal fees and credit monitoring. It can also damage the reputation of your business. New legal regulations like GDPR (General Data Protection) and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) specify how PII should be handled. To remain compliant you need to know where PII is within your business and how it is secured. PII File

Did you have an incident and accidentally leak PII?

With data protection regulations you may need to report the incident. Reporting requirements vary by state. You will need to find all of the PII that was leaked along with the state or country for each individual for reporting compliance. Doing this manually is incredibly time consuming and error prone as PII can often be hidden.

Continuous PII Scanning is the key to finding and securing sensitive data.

The only way to know if you are not storing PII or other sensitive data is to always be looking for it. Would you know if one of your employees accidentally puts a big spreadsheet or CSV file on a public drive share or leaves it on their laptop? It is not always obvious either.

Let me give you an example:

It is really easy to create a graph in a PowerPoint presentation from spreadsheet data that gets embedded into the slide without noticing it. This is the default behavior when creating graphs and charts from linked data in spreadsheets. You could accidentally be sharing huge swaths of PII along with your presentations without realizing it.

Obviously looking through thousands of files manually is not very effective. It's a huge waste of time. You need an automated way so it can be done constantly.

You need a continuous PII scanner scanning all data in your company to know where PII is.

PII Crawler can securely scan all of your data for unencrypted PII

PII Report

PII Crawler is a fast PII scanner that can read text from images embedded in PDFs, word documents, Excel spreadsheets, CSV files, databases and more. It will find SSNs, addresses, customer names, and email addresses. And, we are constantly adding new PII types to PII Crawler. It uses state of the art technology like NER/FSM and AI techniques to find PII and avoid false positives.

You can rest easy knowing PII Crawler can be run locally and air-gapped so you don't need to worry about PII being sent from your network.

PII Crawler will save you a ton of money

PII Crawler is a one-time payment.

Other PII tools charge thousands of dollars per month. For just a fraction of the cost of a single data breach you get the peace of mind to know your customer's data is stored securely.

Download and scan your data for PII today for free! What will you find?


Enterprise grade PII detection at an affordable price!




  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Machines
  • Detect all PII types
  • SQLite output
  • Mac and Windows and Linux binaries
  • Linux binaries
  • Database scanning
  • 1 year free updates

Pay once. Scan unlimited data!

* All plans are one-time payments and non-recurring. 14-day money-back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Just $199, once, really?

Yes, PII Crawler is just $199, once. No ongoing fees, no monthly fees, no annual fees, no per-user fees, no support contracts, nothing. You don't rent PII Crawler like SaaS products — you buy it, it's yours.

What exactly do I get?

You get access to a command line tool available for all major operating systems. See the download links below.

What PII types are supported?

First name, last name, city, state, zip, street address, email, and social security numbers. More data types are coming soon.

Does it transmit any of the data?

During file scanning PII Crawler scans data on the machine it is running on. It doesn't send or collect any of the data outside your network.

For database scanning a network connection is made to the database being scanned. Data from the database is sampled and scanned in memory on the machine running PII Crawler. Data from the database is never written to disk during the scan. For more information see the security section of our documentation.

Is there an installer or dependencies required?

PII Crawler is a standalone static executable with no additional dependencies. There is no installer you just run an executable.

Is there a demo?

Checkout the download links below for a fully functional system. No credit card needed.

Can I get a refund if I don't like it?

Yes. We currently have a no-question-asked refund policy.

Download and scan for unencrypted PII today!


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